“The house is moving again”!

I repeat; “The house is moving again”!


Photo credit: The East African


Where is it moving to?

“It is moving to the bedroom, from the kitchen”!


Photo credit: The Africa Report.com 


When did the house last move?

“It has always been on the move”.


Photo credit: Al Jazeera


Who is moving the house this time?

“The politicians who shave their heads bald and wear uniforms”.


Photo credit: Thred


Why are the politicians moving the house now?

“We caught them in so many things they were not supposed to be doing and now, they had to find somebody to turn the focus to and the blame on”!


Photo credit: ZAWYA


Why is that?

“It is because matters concerning us feeding and clothing our loved ones aren’t matters they want to dive in with their noses.

They say that those conversations are very hard to have with us and don’t want to annoy those people that got them into power”!


Photo credit: Council on Foreign Relations


Oohhh…thank you for this alert then.

“You are welcome. You better keep your eyes open. They are trying to distract you from what is truly important to what benefits only them”!


Photo credit: International Rescue Committee


“It is moving again”!

I repeat; “The house is moving again”!