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I carry season greetings from the fraternity of psychology.

They have missed you, like I have.

How are you? How have you been?

We are going to learn about “relationship anxiety”.

It is something very many of us have experienced in our lives and many more are yet to experience.


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In as few words as Medical News Today said, relationship anxiety is when a person experiences persistent doubt, fear or worry in a relationship.

Many times, it can stem from what happened in one’s childhood and their interactions with older people.

Some other theorists agree with the school of thought that it originates from the social anxiety disorder or has some features of it.


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Common characteristics of relationship anxiety include excessive reassurance-seeking, self-silencing and partner accommodation.

We are getting more technical, from here on out…


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In the case of excessive reassurance-seeking, we are looking at behaviour people exhibit when they fear being rejected.

When it comes to self-silencing, we are looking at people who may not express their tastes, opinions, or feelings to their partner, especially when these thoughts are different to those of their partner.

When it comes to partner accommodation, we are usually dealing with a response from the anxious partner to their partner.


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Is it possible to live with this anxiety?

Yes, it is.

You will have to do some work on your own, though.

The work may include but isn’t limited to talking to a therapist, living in the present moment, learning to communicate how you feel, confronting your anxiety, maintaining your identity in the relationship et cetera.


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Should you need any further assistance in this department,

I am here for you, baby.

The never ending battle for many called relationship anxiety can be defeated and shall be defeated!