It has been two months already since we last “fooded” with Jjjuuurrriiieeeee

And we decided that the month of February would not just go away like that without any moment of fooding for us!

That is where “Date 5” came in recently.


This date, initially was supposed to have taken place somewhere in January but due to personal commitments, we decided to wait for the following month

Settling for the 14th of February!

We only made one “mistake”, if I am to call it that; we planned and scheduled so many things to do, on one same day

And forgot that time runs away so fast when you are engaged in so many things! (hihi)


Upon confirmation on the 13th that we are on for the date,

We early-birded as has been the case usually.

7:30 in the AM is when we start off our dates….(for those wondering if we are just crazy, it has been 2 years of adjusting our timetables in Uganda due to the curfew we have had for all that while).

And begun off with our first plan of the day; “moving Jjjjuurrriiieeee’s shop” to Buwaate!



I must use this opportunity to warn you that petrol in this country has become alarmingly expensive!

A litre is going for a minimum of 5,000 Uganda shillings.

(Plan accordingly and step on that accelerator lightly).

We might need to look into this green friend of ours here, don’t you agree?



Back to the journey, we made to Buwaate…

We successfully managed to carry the entire shop to Buwaate and identified the place where I will disturb Jjjuurrriiieee from, in the next few months. (I mean…when don’t I ever?)

I finally met somebody that Jjjuurrriiieeee has always told me about; Daniella.

It must have been the intense hunger we had that day, that we did not even take a photo with Daniella….and only realised it when we were done with lunch at the Mestil Hotel and Residences.


“Eating too much in one go, is bad for your health and camera-pose”! (Hihi) – Date 5


That lunch!


Whoever thought of having the plates used at the Mestil is my friend for life!

That is simply genius….some of us want to carry our fill of food without moving about numerous times to serve ourselves more.

That is exactly what happened to me….ate my fill until I had no space to squeeze in the dessert and fruits! (hahaha)



Secondly, whoever cooked the food that day did a terrific job!

(My tummy kept on hoping they get paid their worth)

I enjoyed each and every single food I placed on my plate!



Thirdly, there is a lady that waited on us….I keep on forgetting her name, though.

Oops….I’ve remembered her name now….Martha!

She was an excellent host.

I love her. I love her work ethic and spirit!

Mestil, I advise, should keep her.


Fourth….what would date 5 be without a taste of that legendary WiFi at Mestil. that is one to die for.

You hardly find any places with such a good signal.

My ears just couldn’t have enough of those clicking sounds made by the notifications on our phones….



Jjjuurrriieeee and I agreed to be back here soon enough.

Great service, a good day and one of very many appointments!