Are we not in the time of utmost worry about artificial intelligence?

This new television series called “Class of ‘09” reeks of AI and if you watch it, it should give you a glimpse of what is coming ahead for us all!


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There are several characters in there (including that of their two trainers),

At the FBI training academy, whose lives keep on being played back in 2009 when they were still trainees and in the present-day (in 2034, which is almost 2 decades later).


In the present day, most of these trainees have made something good of their FBI careers.

I mean, one of them directs the FBI!

Whereas some of their mates have died over the course of time.


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In this show,

You will come to see and appreciate how good and bad artificial intelligence is, when it comes to matters of justice and law enforcement!


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A decision made by one agent, to create a computer program that can accurately predict crime and prevent loss of life gets to spill over in their personal life and those of their colleagues.

It will go to show that we are all, are not safe to the wrath of technology when it is set out against us.


Photo credit: TIME


This is a very timely show.

It is one that will tickle your mind, on what is going on.

And it is a class you will love to follow closely!