Have you ever investigated something?

And ended up distrusting everyone and everything involved in your investigation?

I guess it is safe to say that you found everybody to be suspicious, right?

If you have ever been in this mix, then this show called “Suspicion” that we are going to look at, is for you.


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There is a number of people involved

Starting with Katherine Newman, a mother who is having her son Leo, missing in a kidnap case that has gotten the attention of everyone that should not be concerned, if the tables had been facing somewhere else.

She is a very rich one, at that.


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Leo is seen being taken away in a suitcase from the Park Maddison Hotel in midtown New York City

By these masked people in a large suitcase.

These masked people, by how they executed their mission, in less than 2 minutes are not any kind of ordinary pickpockets….they are most likely military-trained!


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They hack into the hotel’s CCTV equipment and record the whole thing

For the whole world to see….

And even a hashtag, internet viral challenge and memes for it; just in case anyone can say it is a hoax!


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Then, there comes in the suspects.

These suspects do not even know how they got to be dragged in this whole mix of complete Suspicion

And they are all from the United Kingdom.

However, on deeper investigations, it is discovered that they all have very deep secrets to hide.

What truly “incriminates” them is that plus the fact that they were all at the Park Maddison Hotel where


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Let us start with Natalie Thompson.

She is a banker and stole money from another thief (that is the only way I can put it simply without sounding all finance and weird).

And on that very day Leo was taken, she was at the hotel!


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The same goes for Aedesh Chopra.

Poor man was just trying to widen his basket of funds in earnings for his computer skills only for his pursued deal to fall through.

He also ended up at the same hotel to cool off before heading back to London.


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In comes Tara McAllister.

Tara is a lecturer at the university and a mother. These are the lives presented to us, of her.

But, I certainly feel she has much more to her than we have known so far.


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And then finally, we have Walker Eddie.

Walker is a student in college and with how he was found partying hard, you can tell he has wealthy parents.

He is the street-smart of them all.


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Vanessa Okoye is the lead investigator in London and she has deployed all her resources plus herself to following every footstep of these four.

Do not mistake her kindness for stupidity; she is cleverer than she lets off.


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Scott Anderson is the lead investigator from the FBI that is coordinating with Catherine and the Bureau on the progress of the entire investigation.

His style of work is that of following very few rules and working the suspects to get as much information from them as possible!

Suspicion, it is the name of the show…


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Many other people get dragged into this whole mess….

People who had no idea of what was going on….

Like Monique, the younger sister of Natalie.

Natalie says she stole these funds to cover Monique’s schooling and education.


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I would like you to meet somebody very crucial in this story….

His name is Sean Tilson.

I cannot be sure this is his real name since he is good at evading everyone including justice

And is the face we see the most, in the quest of making Catherine “#TellTheTruth”!

(I remember him from Scorpion)


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False Flag is an Israeli television series where

Five Israelis wake up to find themselves entangled up in a “high-profile” kidnapping as the chief suspects.

It is this show that the creators of Suspicion got inspiration from, to create their new version!


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Do we need to add anything unto all this?

I guess not….

You will catch up and fill in the rest, for yourself.