How I wish I could meet this team of geniuses

That referred to themselves as “Team Scorpion

Just like Special Agent Cabe….met with them on a daily

Okay….not the part where they get to drive you crazy with all their jargon, super brain-work and social skills!

Wait….do I even remember their names….real names?

I mean, at one time, they were just kids that came together and were making all this cool stuff

Till the FBI noticed them and decided to have them on board as “consultants” on jobs here and there

Yeah….there was Silvester “Sly”, Tobias “Toby”, Paige was another, Walter was their self-proclaimed leader, Cabe Gallo and of course, Happy Quinn….

Sly was the guy with the super calculator of a brain….Toby was their psychologist and psychiatrist, in one, of sorts….kept everyone chatty,  Paige was the one that always tried to keep their emotional intelligence in check…., Cabe was their government handler and liaison, Happy was their mechanic…always good with any toy of your choice and finally, Walter was their self-anointed leader!

The geniuses were originally 4….

Then came Paige and her son, Ralph…..

Then, the FBI came knocking….you know, they knock once and storm in afterwards….so, they were assigned a handler, who they grew very fond of

In the end, we had a squad of seven

Ooohhhh….they made me laugh every single time I saw them

The way they interacted with one another had a way of manifesting itself in the way they interacted with strangers

Trying to do the most when they could really lay back and chill

Not living but grabbing at the wind

“More Extinction” — Team Scorpion continues to work with their nemesis, Mark Collins, in order to prevent an extinction event that could end humanity. Also, Cabe’s last-minute decision while on the case leads to the possible end of his career, on SCORPION, Monday, Oct. 2 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Josh Leonard returns as Mark Collins. Pictured: Robert Patrick, Ari Stidham, Josh Leonard, Eddie Kaye Thomas. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

I wonder, though….do human beings like these exist in real life?


Of them all, I connected with Toby, the most

I guess it’s because of the psychology part

That I followed and enjoyed smoothly

Actually, now that I think of it

It all makes sense….calling themselves Team Scorpion

A minimum of 4 legs….(4 geniuses), a sting…(their handler) and the venom…. (Paige and her boy)

And we got ourselves a real Scorpion, don’t we?

It’s a shame that our affair with this team ended only after these very few seasons

But trust me, when I tell you

That you’ll love them when you get to watch them

You should see some of the cases they solved in season 2!!!

They solved some of the biggest cases I never even thought they could handle!

People of their word….

Also, don’t forget about laughing as hard as you can at everything

As well as enjoying the levels and types of romance we will have here

And how one family can be all we ever truly need

I hope you love the garage and the toys in there, too!