Esme: “I’ve seen what people do when they think no one is watching”.

The New Founding Fathers Association

For a while now,

Have had this very great idea of granting “a few hours of total freedom and liberty”

To the citizens everywhere in the United States

That they call, “The Purge

Not to go shopping without paying

Not to speak their mind without fear of retribution

Not to eat food and drink all they want

Not to get Donald Trump from the Oval Office



And it won’t be considered a crime!!!


They have their saying that they pass on around that goes….

“You have built up all this rage inside you but you haven’t got an outlet for it.

Where can you put it? We offer you a way out”!

I want you to imagine the chaos we would have…

The last time I heard something of this nature happening was in 2017

In Brazil, where the nation’s entire police force went on what you can call a “strike”

Over what they termed as “poor living and working conditions”

What happened in the next 48 hours was totally despicable

And sadly, wasn’t even shown on the televisions or radios all over the world

In an hour’s time, over 40 people had been stabbed and so many shopping outlets had been robbed

The United Nations Police Force had to come in and re-establish some order and flow of things!

Back to the show….

I want you to watch season 1 and season 2 keenly

And look out for what Esme pointed out

That goes on within these few hours of freedom

Now, let us not even get in who is doing more of the killing….

Or why they actually do the killing….

The whole thing is rigged

Some rich white people get a kick from watching all the killings as they are stashed away in a safe location

Once the time of the purging elapses, we all go back to normal life and procedures

And whatever “purge” was done outside that time gets to be flagged as a crime

During the purge itself, there are certain limits on which tools you use to purge

Bombs and explosives ain’t part of the tools allowed…anybody found with them gets to be remotely detonated with them as a warning

Government officials are off-limits during the purge

Certain places are off-limits, too during the purge

You can hire somebody to do your purging for you!