The other day, I happened to be the Kampala Sheraton Hotel

For a “cocktail party” that doubled as their “Caribbean Night”

And then, while there, I observed something happening in the water, at the swimming pool area where we were sitting

That I would like us to share about

We were sitting right there with Mummy

Enjoying our drinks and bites that were going around

I had just taken a sip off my glass

When I saw a drop of rain bounce unto the water of the pool

And child oh child

I saw a beauty walk by!!!

Floating and flowing majestically, if you may

From where it dropped off to the end of the pool

Seeminglessly with so little effort and lots of elegance

You know, the way the decorative lights shine on the water and pull off this glitter of serenity and calm?

That was it exactly

I watched on as the water-drop “swam” away in a vibrating motion

Leaving behind temporary marks of the path across

Bouncing off like nearly-dry cloth lying out in the wind

How can beauty like this always go unnoticed by so many of us?

To the point that we curse whoever created rain, for “allowing it to fall on us” and mess up our divine wears?

How? Just how?

I cannot….

What do you think about ripples?