Hey you, that watched “Colombiana”?

Did you miss seeing our queen Zoe Saldana, in another action pack?


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I surely did and when the trailer for “Special Ops Lioness” came on my screen,

I just….I just couldn’t concentrate anymore till July!

(okay, that was a little lie there but it’s kinda true, hihi!)


L-R Jill Wagner as Bobby, Thad Luckinbill as Kyle, Zoe Saldana as Joe, James Jordan as Two Cups, Jonah Wharton as Tex, Austin Hébert as Randy in Special Ops: Lioness episode 5, Season 1 streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo credit: Greg Lewis/Paramount+.


As I write this article,

There are 3 episodes, that have been released and I’ve devoured them all!


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On this show, our Zoe heads a team of Special Forces soldiers or call them “operators”.

These are the kind of people you call on for missions that seem impossible, are special and wouldn’t want to be directly tied to you!

You should listen to her in episode 2, on how the name “Lioness” came to be added to this!


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In this case, these operators work for the CIA.

The one thing I loved is that I’ve seen all these operators elsewhere in similar roles and they are killing it on this one, as always!


Jill Wagner as Bobby In Special Ops: Lioness, episode 8, season 1, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Luke Varley/Paramount+


Once you hear the name “CIA”,

You know, state terrorism is about to be brokered!

And who best guarantees your safety, on the day you make the deal?


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I must tell you this.

Get ready to see some Nicole Kidman and Morgan Freeman in there, as well, from time to time!


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How about I let you enjoy the show now and we chat about it later, okay?