This show holds a very special place in my heart

Right from the very first day, I watched its official trailer

For those that remember, I was healing from my biggest heartbreak

And POI provided a great distraction!!!

On one end, you have computers and all this technology

On the other end, you have a human being, Finch, that starts out the chain literally, of fighting crime and making the world a much better place than it was yesterday

But, by now, I hope you know that the house always wins because it knows which numbers are more profitable to them than the ones that are not!

“YHWH” — Finch (Michael Emerson, left) and Root (Amy Acker, right) race to save The Machine, which has been located by the rival AI, Samaritan, while Reese is caught in the middle of the final showdown between rival crime bosses Elias and Dominic, on the fourth season finale of PERSON OF INTEREST, Tuesday, May 5 (10:01-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. © 2015 WBEI. All rights reserved.

Finch is a billionaire….unknown to the world

Simply because he lives a very simple life….like that of any ordinary American citizen

But when you look closely, you discover that there is nothing ordinary about him

If anything, he is very mysterious!

Quite good with chemistry and computers,

He seeks out the services of a good vigilante, Mr. Reese and his good canine friend, Bear

Who happens to be an ex-Navy SEAL and one after revenge at his former employers

Who deemed it fit to take away from him the person he loved the most

We all know what that feels like, right?

Initially, it all started as an experiment with …., another of Finch’s billionaire friends from back in the day of computers

They made this super-computer that could identify victims from perpetrators of crime and notify the authorities on what could be done or simply, see it and record it

With a little bit of push from the politicians, their technology was stolen away from them to make something that spied like no other on this world

Tapping phones, cameras, cars, anticipated our every move

All this in the name of ensuring that what happened in 2001 never happens again!

Now, we all know what happens when we get to that level of fighting crime

Crime just seems to keep happening one way or the other

And the possibilities of this same technology just keep on popping up time and again

I want you to picture such scenarios and chaos that arise from that

On one end, you have the good cops like … and … honouring their badges and what they stand for

And on the other, you have “gangs within the system” having their way….

And on another end, you have other vigilantes like Root and Shaw doing things their way to ensure that order is kept and everybody is cool!

Creating a system that you hope will re-write your wrongs

Only for it to be used against you and make you the bad person!

“Victim or perpetrator….Once your number is up, we will find you.”

It’s a beautiful mess, I tell you. I hope you love it.