Have you ever been so desperate for something….

To happen

To the point that you lose sleep or at least,

You get scraps of it and when you wake up

You are reminded of what is making you this restless?

More so, if this is something that you can’t easily control

Or have zero control over?


Like your website?


I am talking about me….the one that was recently in deep anguish!

If you have a frequent visitor here, you will appreciate that

My website has had its moments where it is switched off and on

With so many of you, at different times, informing me that my website is down and yet,




Now, I will be very honest with you…

  1. I am no computer wizard or I.T person to help myself out here
  2. I couldn’t tell exactly what happened when the website “switched off and on”!
  3. I still can’t tell why my website behaves this way
  4. I believe in assigning responsibility to respect people and I get to cover them for their time and efforts


And that is why;

From the beginning, I hired somebody….Patience…..she does a good job with these machines and websites

She designed this thing I call my baby….ntemid.com

And she does the hosting, too


On the other hand, I hired a second person….Stephen….he does a great job, too….

He has helped me with a number of assignments on very short notice!


So, when I got to renew my domain name….(I hope I have that right, I.T guru, please help me out here)

I noticed my site started this whole thing of shutting down randomly

At very odd hours….with my people unable to access it but Patience, Stephen and a few others!

I must confess….my own baby held me, HOSTAGE!


At its mercy!


For a whole week and 2 days….I couldn’t log in….

Patience told me something to do “increasing my storage capacity” was being worked on and I had to wait a few moments

Her website, though, was back up in a couple of days

And she was quite surprised that mine wasn’t back up yet!


I like Patience majorly, for one thing….she lays out all options for you, on the table….and you get to make a choice for yourself!

She shared with me the contact of her person who does the “hosting”

And guess what….all my anguish….my pain….my fear….my helplessness….had to do with a “whitelist”!


Now, Mai, Patience’s contact, told me that a whitelist

Is simply a blockage made on the hosting server, by the server itself, for any IP address that looks suspicious

You should have seen my face?

I literally wanted to gouge out my eyes from my head

And feed them to the ants….unbelievable!


Remember when I asked about us not getting to see the content we have asked for?

Now, this is one of those times I get to ask this again….


Technology….Information….Information Technology….