Imagine that you are in a hospital, one day…at the reception inquiring about something

And your eyes land on the news report being telecast, in that very moment

Showing a very familiar picture of someone you know and knew!

It hits you then, that this is the person you have been looking for, all this while!

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You have always been convinced that this person you’ve always been looking for, never left or died as you were told

You drop whatever you are doing and rush to your parents to let them know about what you discovered

And they rebuke you, for opening up wounds that had previously sealed up!

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You remain steadfast in your belief and now, you have made up your mind

To go searching the earth, for this special somebody of yours….

Off you are to this place, searching and tossing the world upside down

Voila….you find this person!

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This is exactly the story of Antoine

As he traverses the earth in France, at home

Thinking he lost his sister, Anna to some bombing

Only for her to turn up somewhere in No Man’s Land aka “Syria”!

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He gets home and out of excitement, shares his “research findings”

With his parents, Marie and Philliphe Habert

They don’t believe him…I mean, who would, after seeing what they all saw?

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In the end, they see him off, on his quest

You could even say they gave him their blessing

And Syria, he went!

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Now, there is quite a lot going on in Syria

There is a number of forces in play here….

Ranging from those of ISIS

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To the government forces

To the “self-anointed mercenaries” like Ryan

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And finally, down to the YPJ that everyone is afraid of….

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By the way, did you know that the YPJ are a very crucial partner in the defeat and demolition of ISIS?

And they still are?

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In No Man’s Land, they are an all-female led and dominated militia, made up of several small units and battalions

In one of which, Anne is a part of!

You won’t want to miss out on the entire story of how Anne got to join them and become one of their best ever, eeh!

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The theme of radicalization is extensively exploited in this show

With the 3 British friends that have now converted to Islam and are ISIS fighters

Or really not….especially in the case of Nasser, who happens to be a spy of the Mi6!

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Iyad is the youngest and most enthusiastic of the 3 friends

He sees the world in a certain way and if you ask me, it can be pretty dangerous to live this way!

If you probably want to keep a secret, you might want to think twice about doing so…

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Paul is the most conflicted and divided of these 3 friends

Back in the UK, he can’t go back to his child and family that he left behind

And now, that he’s on the battle-field, he wants to be close to them!

Recipe for disaster, isn’t it?

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Stanley is the man in charge of turning minds and hearts into the war directly!

He has a talent for spotting soft targets that will fight for the cause, you know!

And he’s one hell of a smooth talker!

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Sarya is one of the fighters of the YPJ and with her, comes a very sad story of being “dragged” to Syria, literally!

One wonders what life she could have been living, by now, if she had just remained home, you know…

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Commandante Adar is the overall commander of the YPJ

Judging by what we’ve been able to see, so far, she has done quite a commendable job organizing the girls

And keeping them safe, too!

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It’s a story of war

A story of betrayal

A story of power and control

A story of love

A story worth watching!!!

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~ Don’t let ISIS catch you, in the No Man’s Land! ~