You are walking somewhere and suddenly, your eyes land on a fur-coat for sale.

You tell yourself,

“OMG, there is no way I am leaving that coat behind. It is mine”!


Photo credit: Glamour UK


You step in the store where you have seen this coat.

You reach out for it to feel its texture and gosh, it feels so fine and luxurious too.


Photo credit: Red Hanger


I have a question for you that will bring up more questions.

  1. Have you paused for a moment to find out where this fur comes from?
  2. Did you stop for a moment to think about what the person(s) that put together that coat, went through?
  3. If you were to trade places with the animals that lost their body hair very roughly or the people that made this coat, would you gladly switch?


Photo credit: Good On You


You love the texture of this fur… what cost, though?