This might be a good one for anyone that

Loves Netflix

Enjoys watching medical shows

Loves laughing and their comedies

And also, enjoys watching police or military shows

All that, put together, equaling to the Medical Police!

Straight outta 2020.

(Hihi…..this unit should be like a real thing everywhere)

Medical Police

It’s the only show that I have seen where male doctors have been referred to as “gentle doctors”

And the hospitals here don’t have sitting desks….we have “standing-desks”!

Imagine that, for a second.

Medical Police

What drew me attracted to this show was

The possibility of having a comic show that is militarized in a way

Kinda having something salty and sweet

These 2 are police officers

That also happen to be medical doctors at a children’s hospital in Sao Paolo, Brazil serving the American expatriate community.

Meet Dr. Lola Spratt and Dr. Owen Maestro.

They are now part of a secret program in the CDC, as well

That is led by Sloan McIntyre

As we speak, the world is faced with a “unicorn”

A virus that has never been seen or felt before anywhere in the world

And it’s killing fast….soon enough, it will have wiped out the entire human race if this small unit doesn’t act quickly!!!

Medical Police

Of course, they have that one “boss” who

Won’t let them rest for a second….

That I want you to meet.

His name is Sy”!

Medical Police

This guy is the definition of “crazy”!

He will literally tell you of “standing desks”!

Have you even, ever, had of those?

He always wants Lola at her desk, Owen in the theatre

No breaks…..just “saving lives”, as he usually says.


Medical Police

Get ready for some bloody funny action

Vigilantism, of course

Get ready to hear some scientific words you can’t even pronounce

Some running around the world

Lots of injections and people infected with the virus

Some love, too

Crazy voices and sounds you never expected….like the one of this one assassin, ….who won’t let these two be!

Also, not forgetting, a sort-of new way of enjoying this show….in 30 minute-episodes!

~ I can’t wait to know where that last phone call is taking us ~