Like a bird

That is flying aimlessly in the sky

Taken left and right and centre by the wind

Occasionally, on the action of its wings, maybe

I want to be free

From guilt

And shame

And all these standards those were deemed by somebody rich and white most probably, as the right ones to follow

The “jail” that exists in my mind and is seen in my actions

I want to be free


From poverty and toxicity

And darkness, disease and bad health

And insecurity….not knowing if I will wake up and get to live through tomorrow

Free from hunger

I want to be free


Free from the rules that I was taught to follow

Free from following the rules themselves

Free from having my future clearly defined for me

Free from slavery and captivity

Free to breathe in and out without looking over my shoulder

I want to be free


I want to be free from it all

Life, death, all the unknowns

My realities and those of other people

It can be too much to bear at times

I want to be free

From holding myself back from saying what is on my heart

From my paycheck and what it means

From my place of work

And what my family name stood for or stands for


I want to be free

So that I can do whatever I want

Be whoever I want to be

Live my life exactly the way I want to live it

Deciding for myself who is worthy of my time and not

To be an adult

To be a child

To be an elder


I want to be free

From what is sweet and sour

From what I don’t know but would love to know

From times that don’t last a lifetime in my heart and memory

Most of all,


I want to be free from whatever I have learned in my life that I feel is not taking me where I need to be