Sky Rojo is a show centred on Coral, Gina and Wendy, who are three sex workers on an endless journey of securing their freedom…from their pimp, Romeo!


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Just like all pimps, Romeo is very enticing and cunning with his prey and in no time has him and his two major accomplices, Moises and Christian.


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When the show starts out, you might think this is the only establishment of exploitation Romeo has under his wing

Only to find out later on that he has six other establishments like these!

All being run the same way….by his two accomplices!


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You must be warned that this show, Sky Rojo, clearly shows you the very brutal, harsh, and cruel reality of sex workers all over the world…

It’s a world of taking from the so many and giving back as little as you can to the so many!


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Now, just to throw in a bit of spice in here, Sky Rojo is given to you by the same duo that gave you “Money Heist

Having two seasons now and a final one coming in as early as 2022

With it’s episodes running for 25 minutes each!

And it’s a lot of action, adventure, sorrow and drama!


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Ps. For those who love Netflix, it’s available there!