I got a question for you….

Isn’t this the greatest team of thieves you have ever met?”

I don’t know how Professor came up with this whole plan of bringing a band of thieves together

For a gig that would turn from being the robbery-of-the-year

To the robbery-that-the-people-will-never-forget!

To prove that, watch that episode in season 3

And tell me about that scene in the bank

Where the lady tells Tokyo that she knows her and her colleagues!

I was so proud of the crew when I watched this particular episode!

They had the perfect plan….shit, they even got civilians like Monica to join them!!!!

Still, do anyway

You can never put your guard down, with this team, eeh


Steal “some money” from the ultra-rich

Give it to the poor

Try “balancing the scale of life”

Listen to names like

Tokyo, Helsinki, Nairobi, Rio, Berlin, Oslo, Denver

Moscow aka Moscu’, Marsella aka Marseilles

You might be fooled into thinking that they are the final destinations

Where our loot will end up

Probably, it’s because they are quite famous names of cities around the world, right?

Alas….they are the names for our team of liberators!

Some people like Arturo, Suarez, Angel and their like

Hate this team and what it stands for

Or what it has done

Watch them….you will probably see why!

I don’t know about you

But I think season 4 will be one to die for

As Professor has to rescue the love of his life Raquel

From the jaws of jail and Martinez friends at the police….

In time, re-arranging his squad that has fewer people now

Since the last heist, we got to see went totally amiss from the previous ones

What do you think, now that you have watched it?

Nairobi, you is the GOAT…. if you must know!