All I know is that the diff is somewhere
On your car…..wait, could it be in?
Ssuusshhhhh, am not even sure about what I’m saying
For the bicycles, tricycles and motorcycles, am totally bleak about that class of locomotives having a diff……
And that it has a lot to do with your engine of the car
And it’s easy mobility on the road

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On many occasions, as I drive through Kampala
I have ended up hitting the bumps quite often and landed quite not so “silently” if you know what I mean
On two occasions, it has happened that my diff has ended up leaking like a baby’s diaper
At least, that’s what my mechanic told me once, making fun of me in the moment
Photo credit: Emmanuel Safali

Then, at one time, my brother told me what can happen if Mr. Diff went unattended to, for a long while
He said that one day, driving on a slippery surface; I just might end up sinking the car into the deep end of the katogo on the road
I, for one, detest having to get out of the car, to give it a push when it’s gotten slippery when wet
I could push it when it runs out of fuel, perhaps
But this, nnnooooo nnnnoooooooo
Quite unacceptable, it is

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You know those people that are part of your life and on a daily; you can boldly say that you can do without them?
Yyeeaahhhhh….on many occasions, you don’t see their huge contribution to the smoothness of your stay and life, in general
Then, at one point in time, they take their leave from work for like a month or so…..that’s when you clearly get to see that they do a lot for you when they are around

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That’s exactly what Mr. Diff could be quickly defined as
Dependable, never asks for much, always diligent even when feeling oppressed
So, how about on the next service, you take a look at Mr. Diff’s face, ask if he’s okay and if he isn’t, even if it’s so small, check him out?

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May you service your diff