I want you to imagine yourself

As a soldier or their family on a foreign mission

You have been away on this mission for so many months without knowing exactly what is happening elsewhere in the world

Only for you to “return” and find that everything is “upside-down”!!!

By that, I mean, there is a virus that has “broken loose”

All over the world

Even in your home town where you have lived all your life

And this virus has wiped out 80% of the entire population!!!!

All that you knew about the world you left

The people….your people who were in it are all gone

The years and times have probably gone so fast without you even realizing it

And guess what….it’s only your “group of combatants” that have a chance of saving what is left of the world

All you have is each other….plus your training and instincts, perhaps

To fight off the “profiteers” and virus altogether!

That’s what this very brave crew aboard the USS Nathan James,

The Last Ship

Had to go through

For 5 years!!!

Sometimes, alone and other times with support from everywhere

Like you will meet them all…

Dr. Rachel Scott, Tex, Wolf, Sasha, Captain AndreaCaptain Joseph, Sergeant Kandie

So many civilians they came across on their journeys back and forth

I must tell you that Nathan James wasn’t the only “team” that didn’t exactly know what was going on

There were a number of other teams like the USS Hayward, the USS Jeffrey Michener

The various bases they docked at like the one at Guantanamo Bay, Florida, Louisiana, Cuba

Even the newly-formed United States Government!

Yeah…this virus was for real…..it didn’t even spare the First Family and the White House or the standing Administration at the time!!!

Buckle up!

It’s going to be a while…bullets and mortars going off, uniforms and salutes everywhere, titles and so many people in every little “corner”

As you wrap your mind around things

That happened which “we” didn’t know about, what has been happening and what “our” future is looking like!