CINEMAX never ceases to bring goodness and excitement to me

This time around, there is a new show of theirs called “Trackers

With the entire debut season out now!

This follows a number of shows that I have watched

From the same company….

Like Strike Back, Warrior, Jett, Gangs of London among others

And I must say, in the beginning, I was very skeptical about it!


This time around, they have come along with 2 other associates on board….

One is M-NET

Very well known for shows like Idols South Africa

And ZDF,

Which is so well remembered for shows like Queens of Mystery 

In me, I doubted it would get to be at the level of other shows that CINEMAX had made before

That was my mistake…

What I didn’t factor in, initially, was the originality of the story-line

Because this show is African….more specifically, South African!

It is an action show

Telling the story of a particular set of secret agents in the South Africa government

That track down criminals that wouldn’t be tracked down, using the “usual ordinary” means!

If you know what I mean!

We are talking “Al-Qaeda”, led by Souleiman Daoud!

And who knows what they are planning now….

With them, on ground, they work with a group of extremists militants called Allajna, led by Osman

Who are very keen on recruiting young hopeless people into their crusade of waging terror

In there, Rayan comes into the picture as an “enforcer” of Osman…he is the muscle and “threatner-in-chief”

Very dangerous a person to work with, if you ask me



Ishmael just might have done a heroic thing by getting away from the Bo’Kaap in the moment when his cover was blown

He was able to link up with his “bosses” and spill out the entire plan of securing a particular package….sadly before he was killed out in the open!


This team is named the Presidential Bureau Investigations

Under the direct control and sights of the President of the nation, South Africa

And is headed by Janina. I don’t know about you but whenever I see her, I feel there is something very big she is hiding from everyone else…save for a few!

Quinn is one of the actual spies in the PBI. Very devoted and meticulous, you will see him everywhere…from the field, in the research branch…everything!

Milla happens to be the person that fell into a job she never expected to get, given her current situation in life. Yeah…it is a real thing out there when you hear that some people are forced by their spouses to stay home and “raise their families”, at the expense of their own needs! She has left her abusive husband and is determined to pick up the pieces of her life. So now, she is PBI and is in their research department.

Raj is the tech and information support on the PBI. Need to find anyone or anything, how about you page him or pass by his desk?


Jessica is part of the research team at PBI. You know that one person who you meet for the first time at the job and you click right away, for good? Yeah, that is Jess! She is that kind of friend.


Mrs. Nkosi is the in-charge of recruitment, monitoring and evaluation. She has an eye for untapped potential and hunger for good. If she hadn’t taken a second to “see” Milla, perhaps we wouldn’t have been able to find out that missing link in Rayan’s cell phone history and contacts!


Brenner is the head of the research team at PBI. Very reserved and gritty, he sieves through chunks of data everyday to find out missing clues which they can use to nab the bad guys!


David is a cabinet minister in the government. He is what you can call “the imaginary go-between” as he accesses vital information about security operations that are happening and passes it along the chain to his superiors. Little do we know that he is…..


Lemmer, from what I gather, is former PBI. Something awful must have happened for him to leave the way he left. I can’t wait to know about him.

Flea is the worst of them as they come. She is the character you love to hate but can’t seem to. She coyishly makes her way into your heart before she strips you of everything. Careful of what you say and do around her!

Deidrick is a smuggler….diamonds, gold, weapons….name it, he gets it for you. He must be making a killing off these very long journeys he has people make for him.


Barend is Milla’s son. He is constantly torn between his narcissistic father and adorable mother. I hope he gets to choose one day and choose wisely.


Nkunzi is another enforcer! He never gets anything in the right way, just like many rich people do. Force is his way and the sword is his chosen hill of death.

Christo is the abusive man who is making life hell for Milla and Barend. You know those kinds of people who see human beings as their property and nothing more? Well, this is that kind of guy!


Lucas is a foreign spy. But a different kind of spy….one who wants to do the right thing without hurting people, in the process.

One who wants out of this life and just settle with somebody that will “understand” him like Milla, for example.

Wow….quite a lot of people

All the more, intriguing the show, right?