Oops…if you are seeing this just now,

I must tell you that you are supposed to have seen it, last week.

The death of my laptop is what brought up the delay.

Since we got done with the #UAPC22.…where do we go from here?



We can start from reading, listening up more and spreading the word more about alcohol harm in our society.

There is lots of new and insightful material for your reading pleasure…like theΒ “Desk Review Report; Availability of Alcohol Regulations in the 137 Districts of Uganda” that was put together by two of my “favs” Dr. Kikome Ruth and Nassanga Margaret.



Nobody is too young or old for this message since even many of the the little children know how to describe an adult they have seen walking as they stagger around.

The more of us know how big this problem is, the better for us all.

Do not wait for a tragedy to first occur before you can do something about it.



Remember, alcohol harm knows no human-set boundaries like religion, wealth, skin colour, level of intelligence, sex, gender, age

It comes for anybody and affects everyone!



As we speak right now, we have the 2022 Uganda Alcohol Status Report available on the conference website.

It’s free for download for whoever needs it.

In case you had not read the reports from 2020 and 2018, feel free to visit the publications’ section on UAPA’s website.

We got those two there!



If you can quit use of alcohol,

Please do so.

Going on this never-ending crusade shall require you to be sober, all the time literally.

You can even join us as a member of Uganda Alcohol Policy Alliance.



Have you heard of the National Alcohol Control Policy or even read it; that we want to turn into an actual law?

You might need to have it’s contents at your finger-tips as well.

Big Alcohol should not take advantage of you, when you could easily have done better because you knew better!



Our girl, Honourable Sarah Opendi is playing her part on the floor of that house at Parliamentary Avenue.

She will need your audience and support!



If you come across someone that is clearly intoxicated or is about to be taken advantage of, step in and help them.

Stop walking away and looking away like you are walking past a carcass of a dog that was crushed to it’s death by a big bus!

Collaborate with as many people as you can, in this endeavour.

No knowledge is useless or too complex on this matter!

I love you and I believe in you.