Alex Godman had lived his life easy and quiet

Away from the criminal underworld of the McMafia, his father had lived in for years…


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His father, Dmitri Godman is now a retired Russian crime mafia boss

Minding his business and family


Alex Godman (JAMES NORTON), Dimitri Godman (ALEKSEY SEREBRYAKOV) – McMafia _ Season 1, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Nick Wall/Cuba Pictures/CPL Godman/AMC


Till that moment in time when a hit was ordered on Vadim Kalyagin,

By his uncle, Boris!


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That is when the ways of the “Mafia got their way directly into Alex’s life and ways!


James Norton as Alex Godman, Maria Shukshina as Oksana – McMafia, Season 1 – Photo Credit: Nick Wall/BBC/Cuba Pictures/AMC


What ensues next is Alex moving heaven and earth to “save” his investment fund from total collapse.

One person comes up to save him and his empire from ruin…by the name Semiyon Kleiman.


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Kleiman, just like all other great talkers, is one great liar

Saying one thing when he actually means another and Alex experiences this, for himself.

He offers to save Alex’s empire and in return, help him “grow his money”.

Little does Alex imagine things would get so far like they’ve gone.


Lyudmilla Nikolayevna (SOFIA LEBEDEVA), Semiyon Kleiman (DAVID STRATHAIRN) – McMafia _ Season 1, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Nikola Predovic/Cuba Pictures/CPL Godman/AMC


Before you know it, he is flying all over to Mumbai, Prague and Tel-Aviv

Making deals with all sorts of people including Antonio, Dilly and best believe it, Vadim himself.


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Like they say, one by one makes a bundle, a bundle of “firewood” was gathered and now, Alex is living a life where he is playing catch up with those who got into it much earlier than he did.

As the deals were starting to flow in, business was good….the numbers spoke for themselves….but as time went on, things begun taking the other direction!


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Rebecca, his fiancée,

Soon chooses to see her fiancée for who he really is!


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And now that they’ve broken up, has also become a target for the rivals of Alex!

That is not to say that his sister Katya or his Mummy are spared….they are all targets too.


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Vadim said something to him that should have woken him up from this “slumber” he is in….

“Once you join this life, there is no turning back. You will be all alone till that moment when somebody shows up to take you out of your misery”!


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Vadim was very right….

I mean, you will see for yourself how Alex turned out, in the season finale of the debut season of McMafia!


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+ I cannot wait to what awaits us in season 2! +