How about we all come together, breaking down all these borders made of razor wire and bricks?

Shall we win if we are together as one?


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Because of these borders I am talking about,

Africa is a 3.1 trillion-dollar economy by gross-domestic product!

Keep in mind that it has a population of 1.42 billion people!


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Because of “these borders” I am talking about,

Europe has a population of 742,272,652 people.

Their economy is worth 20 trillion dollars by gross domestic product!


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Asia, because of those borders we are talking about, is worth 41.36 trillion dollars.

What is their population size? 4.7 billion people!


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America, given the discussion we are having, has a population of 1.038 billion people.

Their economy put together is worth 35.703 trillion dollars of gross domestic product.



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When you look at your passport and national ID,

Can they literally move you across any country in the world?

Think about all this and let me know what you think!