Why are we so intolerant of one another and yet, we can all fit in this world mathematically?

When I say this, I mean it literally and metaphorically.


Photo credit: Guardian


This is a thought that crossed my mind on Sunday.

I believe it was after I had seen so much negativity and division amongst people of a given race and culture.

This prompted me to draw out my browser and calculator, to add and divide up a few things.


Photo credit: IOM UN


Here is what I found:

This earth is 12,742 kilometres in it’s diameter.

The same earth is 40,075 kilometres in circumference.

The distance between the north and south poles is approximately 7900 miles.

As a human race, we are 8,000,000,000 people in number, by November 2022!

Let us not forget the millions of people that have passed away this year!

Or the people that are already living together.


Photo credit: The Borgen Project


Going by the last calculation I made, where I divided the number of kilometres this earth occupies by the number of people living on it,

We would all be landlords and landladies of at least 5 metres each!


Commuters queuing to catch minibus taxi in Welkom, South Africa, Friday, June 23, 2023. At least 31 people were believed to have died in a gas explosion in a disused mine shaft in South Africa that happened last month but was only now coming to light, authorities said Friday. (AP Photo/Themba Hadebe)


I want you to imagine yourself having 5 metres of your own.

In any place and corner of the world.

For those who would want to share space, so be it!

Would we honestly need slums, ghettos, skyscrapers, 20-foot-tall perimeter fences and suburbs?


Photo credit: Migration Policy Institute


Even if you didn’t like the way your neighbour looks at you,

They wouldn’t glance at you from 4 metres away and you wouldn’t need to disturb their peace either, right?


Photo credit: United Nations Development Programme


I assure you,

There is more than enough space on the ground (physical and otherwise) for all of us to live in and make home with what we have.

We can all fit in this world mathematically.