Is there a way of defining “Freedom Of Expression”

Without leaving me confused than I am now?

Let me explain the challenge I am finding with all this….


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I have come across, time and again, 3 terms that are regularly used

When it comes to this subject.

They are, “freedom of expression”, “freedom of speech” and “free speech”.

Do they all mean the same thing?


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Oh…and then, there is the other part of freedom of expression being a “principle”!

What qualifies something to become a principle?

What qualifies freedom of expression to become a principle?


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Elsewhere, I have come across numerous writings strongly suggesting or saying that the freedom of expression is a right, in it’s own making.

How does this work exactly?

Does it mean that every freedom entitled to every human being is a right, in it’s own self?


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A while back, I wrote something about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

And from there, I implored whoever reads my writing to #StandUp4HumanRights for all and not just when it is convenient for them!

When I said that, did I offend you, then?

Do I offend you now?


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In the past, did the freedom of expression exist?

If yes, how would you know that you are free to express yourself.


New Delhi, India. 30th October 2012 — The area is very dangerous. Even after the bulldozer have been through there are secondary collapses. — As part of what is referred to as the Delhi beautification scheme, many long-standing homes of the Dalit community are being systematically demolished and the former slum townships razed to the ground.


As we speak now, is there anything that can hold you back from expressing yourself freely?

Are there people that the world repeatedly does not let express themselves as they would want to?

Are there lines you cannot cross, when it comes to freedom of expression?


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Are you doing anything to ensure everyone around you enjoys their freedom of expression?

Are you enabling somebody to ensure that no one around you enjoys their freedom of expression?


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Having put all these questions forward, I want to express myself freely

Without the engulfing fear of being intimated, tortured or violated by those people who do not agree with what I have to say.

At the same time, I want other people to freely express themselves without that engulfing fear of being intimidated, tortured or violated by me or any person that does not agree with what they have to say!


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– Do you buy into my idea and suggestion? –