First of all,

I hope you know what these rights we are referring to, are

Or some of them, at least

Otherwise, try completing that assignment first and then, we can talk

And this goes for those that missed our previous class, too!

I appreciate that not every country or territory put their signature to them

But come on, there’s some basic ones you can work with

Out of simple human decency

You can try it, right?

Human rights are not for a few

Human rights are not for the living only

Human rights are not for the dead only

They are for every one

In your respective corner of life

Religion, beliefs, customs, sex, sexuality, culture, colour, age, occupation, gender, country and territory, and any other item

You are unique

And deserve dignity, respect and love

Human rights must be observed and respected at all times

Human rights are not a game

Human rights can’t be carried in bits and pieces…they are one whole package

Human rights are not convenient stores where you only pick out what you need and then leave

You must go all the way for them

Stay sharp

Be responsible

Most of all, always remember what we have talked about…

#StandUp4HumanRights for ALL and not just when it is convenient for you!