First off, I want to say

That this is my first from the National Geographic Channel

I know they offer research grants for a number of individuals among other cool stuff they do

But I never imagined they do television shows, too

No…not like documentaries or anything

I discovered this show in May and decided to give it a try

Guess what….it’s speaking of Ebola

Yeah…that deadly disease that moves exactly like a virus

But this is a very deadly one

No jokes

I am from Uganda

A country neighbouring the Democratic Republic of Congo or what is famously known as Zaire

When you hear Colonel Nancy Jaax refer to it as Zaire, it’s her way of referring to where she thinks or knows the Ebola virus came from

Dr. Nancy Jaax (Julianna Margulies) looks inside a package delivered to her pathology lab. (National Geographic/Amanda Matlovich)

So, the whole thing sets out in Kenya in the year 1980

On these vast lands belonging to one rich household

That has been taken over by this virus that they don’t understand quite well…in the beginning, they dealt with what they know or suspected and ended up calling it the Marburg virus

But which we later on get to identify as the Ebola virus

I mean, you have to see for yourself what takes place at the hospital where Dr. Musoke is working

It’s a whole gigantic mess!

Dr. Musoke (Bohang Moeko) and a nurse tend to Charles Monet (Neil McCarthy) and wheel him into the trauma unit at a Nairobi hospital.

Now, if you are familiar with health and science, you get to appreciate how fast word moves around in this sphere of the world

Literally, something happens to you wherever you are and within minutes, everyone 10,000 miles away knows about it

That’s what happened in this case… body tissue and fluid samples were taken from that incident before and shipped to the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases

Where we have the honour and pleasure of meeting the Jaaxs’

That is Nancy and Jerry Jaax

Both of whom serve at this institution as Colonels and medical researchers

Now, what gets to unfold at Fort Detrick and beyond is a whole wrap sheet, for your ears and eyes only!

I must warn you, though

You might lose your sleep if you love your science and thrills

You might lose your taste for food if you find the blood and stool samples a little bit too much

You might want to find yourself somebody to watch this show with….it can get scary at times…with all those heightened sound effects

Most importantly, “anything lands on your suit, bleach it all immediately. Don’t take any chances”.

~ Enjoy your stay at The Hot Zone ~

Dr. Nancy Jaax (Julianna Margulies) is put in an isolated cell after her suit ripped and monkey blood got into a cut. (National Geographic/Amanda Matlovich)

Before I forget, I must tell you that this show is among those that I watched in good 1080p screen resolution. I can’t exactly tell why but it looked so good from there. How I wish I had watched it in 4k like the guys at Cable Compare “recommended” to me!!!


Ps. Whatever you will get to watch here was inspired by true events and characters that happened in this life we live.