8th of November, 2018….

I don’t know where you were that day

But in the town of Paradise, California, USA,

Everything was upside down, literally

Homes leveled by the Camp Fire line Valley Ridge Drive in Paradise, Calif., on Monday, Dec. 3, 2018. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

Allyn Pierce, a nurse and manager at Adventist Health Feather River Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit

Was among the team of people that evacuated people from the medical facility as the fires raged on

And later on, Allyn drove back into the flames to gather some of his colleagues and bring them to safety.

Photo credit: speedhunters.com

That was when he got stuck in the fire, itself….right in the middle of it

Photo credit: independent.co.uk

Just then, when he had finally given up and was recording his good-bye message for his family and friends inside his Toyota Tundra truck, aka Pandra, a bulldozer appeared and moved a burning vehicle out of his path so that he could maneuver around the destruction.

The near-death experience didn’t deter Pierce and his colleagues from helping as many people as possible.

Rather than drive toward safety, they turned around and went back to Paradise, where they attended to injured residents who had gone to the hospital for help.

And when the building caught fire, Pierce assisted in taking patients to the helipad. Miraculously, everyone survived.

Photo credit: speedhunters.com

Unfortunately, his Pandra was not spared. The intense heat burned her exterior while melting the mirrors and the lights! Grizzly, right?

The car can still move, as we speak, thanks be to Jah

Photo credit: drivepedia.com

Social media did it’s thing, (you know how we do), of course as a result of Allyn posting content about the incident on his Gram….to the point that Toyota, in the USA committed to getting Allyn another Tundra truck as their way of honouring his bravery to saving life in that moment.

Photo credit: picsbud.com

For what it is worth, I so much want to see what Allyn’s next Pandra will be like…. I love Tundras!

For the people that lost their lives in the fire, I’m so sorry. I do understand how you feel

So much to learn from Allyn’s experience

I’m sure as of this moment, Toyota picked up the Pandra and took it for keeps at it’s showroom as Paradise city gets to pick up and build it’s pieces

Dddaaammmnnnnnn….what a day….what a story….what a moment to be alive!