“Redeeming Love” is the title of a movie that was released in 2022.

I first read something about it on Google on one of those days when I was searching for new works released in the genre of romance.


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It picked my mind and proceeded to watch it’s trailer on YouTube.

That was where I fell in love with it, completely!

It has grown to become my best movie released this year!

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I relate on a number of fronts with this movie.

It is set in the ages that came before our generations…we are talking about the days of lamps and horses.

Then, it touches the theme of humanity in different angles like being a child, the patriarchy, the labour force as well as living life as adults.

Also, it reminds me to always believe in something or someone. No one else will do that for me.

Most of all, it talks of love and how any one of us deserves to be loved and to love irrespective of their past or present situation!


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When you watch this movie, you will see Angel transform into an adult of her own from a very little girl that lived with her mother and saw everything there is to the way her mother loved.

As we well know about the connection between commercial sex work and the patriarchy, Angel follows in the foot-steps of her own as a way of living.

That only takes her as far as it can till she meets Michael, a young man of her age at her residence and place of work.


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Michael is a young man of faith and a farmer.

He has lived his life working for the comfortable and warm life he is living; he just wants somebody to share this life with.

Soon after he has made this request with his creator, he catches a glimpse of Angel walking down the street.

He likes her immediately and is ready to go all the way to be with her!


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Let me not over gist you.

I will let you watch Redeeming Love.

I hope you will love it, just like I did.