If we are to say that a standard volume of poetry is 20 poems,

Then June Jordan left us with over 540 collected words in form of poems, essays, libretti and works for children!


Photo credit: Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard Institute



That’s no mean feat, for somebody who used her words to inspire change in us!


Photo credit: YES! Magazine


If there ever was a famous person who strongly emphasized the living and use of “black English”, it was Millicent here.

She was of the view that we all treat it as its own language and an important outlet for expressing Black culture!


Photo credit: National Museum of African American History and Culture


I am yet to read her memoir “Soldier: A Poet’s Childhood”, to be honest.

It is said that it revolves around her childhood, which so happened to be rough!


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Do you ever think about where you got the urge from, to drop out of school even when you had the resources to keep you there?

Our girl here has a story of her own to tell, in her book of essays titled “Civil Wars”.


Photo credit: Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard Institute


Can you do me a solid?

I want to leave you an assignment.

Make yourself and your heart familiar with our girl June’s works and closely think about everything she wrote in there.

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To you girl,

I miss you now and missed being with you, in real life.

You taught me a lot about following your heart.

I love you, June Jordan.

I see you!