Better grab that pen and paper and probably, seat
It’s going to be a long one
Unusual, as well, to what you’ve probably been used to, all your life

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Let’s begin….clock’s ticking!

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Are you dependent? On anything or anyone?
How happy are you, here and now? How about 5 years ago?
Do you have any void in your life, from your past, be it just yesterday?
Does this void need filling or feeling?

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Is there anything you feel you’ve neglected in your life?
And feel that you never should have done so?
Have you felt neglected before?
Have you, yourself, neglected somebody before….be it yourself?

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Ps. How are we doing now with that list of ya’s?

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Do you consider yourself truthful?
To the moon and back?
How about on your commitments to yourself and others? How have you fared on those?
Oh….when I say truthful, I count the white lies, as well! They aren’t exactly truth, are they?

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Are you destructive or distractive?
Healthy or unhealthy?
Focused on improving or not?
Eating your life or your life eating you up?

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Guess you know the use of an inventory!!!