For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had challenges in whatever I do
I guess, just like anybody else that’s still breathing and human
My biggest challenge to that has been beating my challenges…those very same ones I suffer from

Sometimes, I overcome them
Other times, not
And on many occasions, not really!
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I just manage to find a soft ground for landing and umm, there we go off to another thing, altogether
Today, I’d love to share how I’ve managed to overcome them
Will you allow me? Of course, you will…..
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I name the challenge I’m facing….that way, I get to know what challenge I’m facing exactly, what kind of energy I need to face it, how to face it, how to talk to it, how to address it and most of all, how to ask for assistance in case I’ve failed at it.
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Secondly, I circle-round back in my thoughts as a way to ascertain what brought up this challenge. This usually takes up a lot of time but gets the job done, eventually as my memory rarely fails me, thank God, for that.
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I “ask myself” what can be done from this point on, to ensure this challenge doesn’t pop up again. For you must know that, a challenge that fails to be cleared out of the way once becomes a natural landmark of sorts in your way of life. 2 options at this point come to mind; either take concrete action to ensure that this never happens again or chill back and let the earth do it’s ting, yeah!
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I take action to see to it that this challenge is dead and gone for good. That way, I get to know that I’ve gotten one burden off my back for good and now, can therefore concentrate on other tasks at hand. No one wants to keep coming to their vomit once it’s out, right? (Pardon me for being so rudimental)
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If my course of action fails, I get back to step 2, mid-way. I could probably have missed something crucial there, for my quest to come to utmost success. After a while, you get better at it and are bound to find the answer you’re looking for, sooo bad!
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Yeah!!! The beginning of a new day! Off to new things and days.

Hey, have I missed anything? Drop it in the comments and I’ll surely cross-check.