Hey YOU!!!
ARE YOU 1 of the 3?
Eeeehhhhhhh….tell me
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Are you 1 of the 3 that were found with the other “mad woman’s children”?
Are you 1 of the 3 kids to the Prime Minister?
….that led a strike back in college and ended up beating a freshman to pieces?
….that defied the orders of the officer?
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Are you 1 of the 3 that boldly stood up and said you were HIV-positive?
Are you 1 of the 3 that made their savings work for them, all the way to the famous Fortune 500?
….that made it a point to spread the word of God everywhere they went?
….that swore never to wait for a man to propose to them and take what’s yours?
 red blood cells
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Are you 1 of the 3 that decided you will live your life?
Are you 1 of the 3 that swore an oath to protect the lives and property of everybody?
….that chose to become proactive in the world out there and grabbed the first job opportunity that came your way?
….that mocked the in-charge at the hand-over ceremony?
….that was on TV the other day, drunk and in a school uniform?
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What comes to your mind, when you come in contact with the sentences above?
Most especially, the very first 3 in the very first stanza?
And the very first line, of the entire piece…hhhmmmmmm?
They must communicate something that’s happening in our world today….has been happening under our noses, for a while now and unfortunately, many of us haven’t done a thing about it.

Tell me, when you see it….

  1. Before that, ask yourself…. Am I one of the three?