I know the titles of the movies and series are very similar but we are focusing on, “The Manny”, the television series.

It is a brand new one on Netflix; got premiered over the Christmas holiday.


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In there, we have Jimena who is having everything in her life, rushing to her for her attention.

We are talking about work, her children, her own life and needs, her absentee husband, societal expectations of her among others.

She has her eye for the Presidency of the company her Daddy started and so, she seeks help in the form of a nanny to look after her children.


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She expects a woman to fill in this role but to her shock, it’s Gabriel who shows up for the job.

Gabriel fits right in and begins on a really good and high note, taking care of these children.

Jimena really likes him and his contribution to the lives of her children!


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Unknown to him though, Jimena is actively looking for love in the online world.

They get to like each other on the dating profiles and only have one big roadblock to skip over; societal expectations Jimena thinks the world has of her and who she is falling in love with.


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What you may not be familiar with is the life Gabriel lived, before seeking out this job.

He was running the family-owned farm with his father and one of the ways to do this successfully is to find out who is trying to steal their farm from them.


This secret he has hidden away will soon catch up with him as it will be a moment of truth between him and his newly found love, Jimena.

I honestly look forward to season 2 of this show.

It is one of those very few shows that had me laughing the entire season, non-stop!


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~ Enjoy! ~