When was the last time you watched Michelle Yeow in a television series?

In The Brothers Sun, she is there plenty and everywhere!

A superb telly show if you ask me!


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What is this show about, in a nutshell?

We have this group of people that were all once part of one nuclear family including Baba Sun, Mama Sun, Charles and Bruce

This family leads or has always led what is known as the Taiwan crime mob and have been in this position for more than 40 years!


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It is only now that they are being challenged by a group of “revolutionary crime mobsters” to the same throne!

Standing in the way of a crime family literally means putting a death mark on you.

It is literally what happens in the entire show!


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The old man of the family is attacked first, in the hope of eliminating him, to which his eldest child Charles steps in to “defend the family”.

The mark of death is upon him now and he gets into a race to save his family from being wiped out entirely!

(Could this be why the show was named the way it was, simply because these two brothers had to occasionally become the sun to one another?)


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Is he successful at this mission of his?

I guess you will be finding out for yourself.


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Is the theme of family exploited well?

I guess you will see for yourself!


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Does this crime family get to hold on to their seat of power?

You will surely find out soon enough!