What is it with us and assuming?

Like….we assume more times than we can count….


Or, is it just me and assumptions?

Assumptions – Good or Bad; Checked or Unchecked?


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It is always as simple as asking a question

Or may be, it is not that simple as I say it is, here….i don’t know!

Is that the reason why assuming is a much easier option?

may be, it is…I mean

Assumptions – Good or Bad; Checked or Unchecked?


When we assume,

Why do we always make “sweeping” or “blanket” statements?

These statements make it sound like every one of us, is inside this small box you have forced us into.

Am I lying, wama?




As you make your assumptions,

How do you usually feel?

What state of mind are you usually in, as you do all this, I ask?

Assumptions – Good or Bad; Checked or Unchecked?

For now, I’ll say bad!

As time has come by and gone,

I have occasionally been the type that makes such over-generalization about anything and everything, literally.

I will not deny that.

Now, in this day and age, I kind of feel awful about it and work so much to ensure I never communicate that way, ever again.

That is because I say them all plainly and sometimes, too candidly…like I actually recognize and know what I am talking about.

For example, all bald headed people are dangerous people to be around!


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This inquiry of mine should not discourage you from making your own assumptions…

Quite contrary, it should help you encompass every aspect of this life as much as you can, in all the statements and communications that you make.

Is that something simple to do?

It is not, to be very honest with you.

But, can we try it out?

Assumptions – Good or Bad; Checked or Unchecked?

Yes, we can….