Have you taken a look round you lately?

Seeing those around you…friends, family and strangers
How they’re “living” their lives and “surviving”
All the sadness
Unrest and disbelief

Gogo Basic
Photo credit: ektaeurope.org

It looks like our world is becoming “euphoric”, to say…

Something happens now and a day goes by without pulling back a second, to think about it or may be, talk about it with somebody you trust
That cycle goes on for a whole week,
And now, it gets to a second one
And at this point, whatever is in our minds at that point in time
Is what we decide to stick with?
As a possible answer to that particular issue

Photo credit: authorpaigeprince.com

Should you therefore be surprised if you found this person talking to themselves on the road?
Or eating away at garbage
Or wasting away in their drink

Photo credit: ahchealthnews.com

The question you should ask yourself at that point ought to be… IS DEPRESSION EATING AWAY AT ME OOORRRRR….AM I?