Small and light vehicles

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Passing over the railway tracks
In a fit of rage
The “engines” revving and screaming for way through

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The pedestrians attempting to cross roads from any spot on the road that’s looking unattended to
The cyclists doing the same…difference is that some of them have “fierce” sounds coming out of their engines.

So, let’s imagine what happens when all these road users decide to claim the “right of way”, at the same time
Isn’t somebody bound to get himself killed or disfigured for the rest of their life?

SafeBoda motorbike taxi in Uganda
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I get to see this happen every day in my life and truth is, it’s a shame
Seeing all these people “get lost in the moment” to put themselves in danger


I think we need the spirit of “service above self” to return to us, don’t you think so?
Or for my sake, I beg you to remain calm, when using the road.