What starts out as a regular day…

Turns out to be the day that you will see something you never were supposed to see…

Which leaves me wondering….

“How Do You Live With Something You Were Not Supposed To See”?


And when I speak of “seeing”, I am not talking about seeing with your eyes only.

I am looking at seeing with everything you have!

Ears, eyes and the like…


Photo credit: The Guardian


So many things happen everyday

Even as we speak, there is many things going on now.

How many of these things that are going on, are you actually “supposed to see”?

And on the other hand, how many of these things that are going on, aren’t you actually “supposed to see”?


Photo credit: The Atlantic


Prior to seeing whatever you saw,

Your life was a very simple one….you were so much fuller of happier times, may be.

And you probably had all these dreams and plans for your life.

But, now check….

It is all gone!!!


Whatever you saw that day was probably some of the darkest and most gruesome stuff you had ever seen

Moreover, you probably felt the shivers going down your spine, at the mere sight and thought of whatever you saw that day.

You are at a point in your life where you cannot “just forget and move on” like nothing happened!


It has probably been some years since you saw what you saw

And it is eating you up, from the inside out

Leaving you with so many wounds that so many just cannot see on the go but can vividly see, once they “have taken a seat”.

Now, how do you live with something you were not supposed to see, in this case for example?


Remember, the mind does not really let things go

It receives and stores where it has to store whatever it has received, for good

How you get to ensure that whatever was stored in your mind does not come back to haunt you, that is something entirely up to you!


Photo credit: National Geographic


I mean, you can get somebody to best guide you on how you can do that healthiest and all

But, when the time comes to do the work, it all boils down to you, as an individual!

Only you can fully understand what you are going through; the rest of us can only have mental imagery in us, to try to picture and piece together what could have happened, really.


I wish you the best of luck and fortune

As you find a way of living, with whatever you saw, that day for the rest of your life.