Aahhhh…. what won’t I write about you old man, Freddie McGregor?

What won’t I write about my favourite artiste of all time!

Ranging from the first day I begun paying attention to the music you released, to the way you lived your life!


Photo credit: The Edge 105 FM Radio


Does the world remember you, at 7 when you joined hands with Ernest Wilson and Peter Austin to form “The Clarendonians”?

Or the time when you started the “Big Ship” record label, that has churned out more big artistes like Luciano, Papa San, Mikey Spice, Lieutenant Stitchie etc?


Photo credit: Reggaeville


Among the best things you ever did was mixing up with Judy Mowatt to give us our siblings “Stephen Di Genius”, “Chino” and Yashemabeth.

These 3 peoples of ours have us dancing to their works and yours, too!


Photo credit: United Reggae


I must say that for the 39 albums you have blessed us with, these past 60 years,

I love the “Big Ship” most.

My heart still feels the most tingles whenever I listen to tracks from it.

Non-the-less, “Love must conquer” all!


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How are you doing today, Freddie McGregor?

Are we in a better shape to stand up on your feet and ask us what we would do if “Push Comes To Shove”?


Photo credit: Urban Islandz


I long for the day I witness you perform live, on stage!