Hey you,

It is almost 2 years now since I last mentioned anything relating to an alcohol policy conference in Uganda, right?

Well, it’s back this year and it’s titled “Uganda Alcohol Policy Conference 2024” aka “#UAPC24”.



Many more of the details surrounding it are still in the works but tentatively, we are looking forward to having it in November.

The venue shall be confirmed soon enough.



Shall it be bigger than the last 3 editions of it?

I truly hope and believe that it will be!



Will I make a presentation of my own?

May be, I will.

(It is something I’ve wanted to do, for a very long time now).



Personally, I do expect my attendance of all the preparatory meetings to be utilized in terms of people turning up for the conference, consuming those meals, sharing knowledge on alcohol control and policy among others.

I will be taking many more photos to share, for the entire process; all the way from the first preparatory meeting all the way to the conference evaluation meeting, at the end of it all!


ADVISORY: All images in this blog post belong to UAPARemember to use them cautiously!