Somewhere in February 2024 is when you last took your breath in, Peetah.

For a person whose music guided me in my time of reform from a life where I used drugs, I took in your word a lot.

Even with all those grave mistakes you made in your number, you weren’t “Just A Number” to me!


Photo credit: Pitchfork


So many people say you started “Morgan Heritage” about 2 years after I was born.

I can’t tell you how much I loved your music; as a band and your own singles as Peetah.

Queen Makeda is my favourite of them.

I hold very fond memories of this track….it has seen me through a lot!


Photo credit: DancehallMag


As we live,

There is still so much work for us to do.

Let us get to it and trust that Jah know!