Take a good look at that form;

If I may draw your attention to the

“Sex” or “Gender” section

Named either “male” or “female”

I see something there that has bothered me for a while now

In my life

And that stems from how I view life at this point

Where every human being deserves and ought to be counted in

And not counted out simply because of a check-box or missing blank space on a form!


Choosing between 2 pre-determined sides of our bodies and choices

“M” or “F”

“Male” or “Female”

Or the other two signs that signify those two classifications…

Has not sat well with me.

First off,

Who decided this for all of us?

Who decided that these “items” should be in that order….male first and female last?

Who decided that everybody has to choose, without exercising their right to withhold that piece of information for themselves?



Who made it a rule that this section of information must come first before anything else?

Who decided that checkboxes or blank spaces are to be used to determine what we are, in that moment?



Before you ask somebody whether they are male or female, are you even aware of what that kind of label does to them?

Are you even sure that you will be told the absolute truth?

How about you warmly persuade me to share with you my maleness or femaleness, if it is really that necessary for me to do so?


~ I mean; why only male…and why only female? ~