Last time, I left you with my opening statement about the real disaster of being unable to speak your language.

I had promised to elaborate more on the topic.

Keep in mind that these scenarios we are going to talk about, involve people that are able and mind-bodied to speak clearly with as little impediment as possible.


Photo credit: CCJK


I want you to picture a scenario where a person you would consider a foreigner (exclusively because they aren’t originally from your native land),

Clearly speaks your own language better than you do, the native!

Scenario 2, involves heading to an eating area and as you try to place your order.

You stutter and fumble with words of a language you are natively connected to.


Photo credit: WikiEducator


Scenario 3 and the most trying of all;

A child speaks your language much much better than you do, as an adult or as a parent!

How the hell, do you even let that happen or sit well with you?


Photo credit: Parents


Isn’t that a complete disaster?