… “I’ve had enough of this….I’m only human…..we all have our limits”…
You’ve probably heard this sentence and particular choice of words, from somebody or a group of people, during those times
When everything was so not going their way
Or according to the plan, for that matter, right?
Angry Man
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Do you remember the last time you ever upset somebody so much to this point?
When you had somebody cross you soooo bad that you wished all the bad, in the world, that there could be?
How was the feeling like?
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Look at it, in the case of somebody bullying you….
They trample over your head literally
Forcing their way on you
Tossing you up, down, right, centre, left and nowhere else
Then, you happen to take a fall down to the ground
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Don’t you expect to bleed?
Do they expect you to bleed?
Is it expected of you to defend yourself during this moment?
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At what point do you say that you’ve had enough?
When do you choose between fight or flight?
You can only take enough
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Let this be a moment of self-reflection inside you
To draw back memories on those moments where you’ve doubted yourself
And second-guessed your choices in life
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For, you must learn to make up your mind, about each and everything that’s going on
Be it at home, school, work, on the streets and even in those moments when the world seems to be in unknown-mode
Seuss Make Up Your Mind
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Learn to choose between what you really need to propel you to what you want
Learn to appreciate effort from disguise
Learn to appreciate bad and good alike
Learn to appreciate silence over noise
Learn to appreciate life
Learn to appreciate what you don’t have so that when you do have it, it’s priceless to you and you can guard it jealously.
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Rise up to the occasion and injustice around you
Injustice doesn’t have to be so big
Anything small or considered small can be a huge injustice to somebody else….. Little children can testify to this
Stand up for what’s yours
Take it
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