Are they the lines we see on paper?

Or are they the border lines of anything human-made?

Are they the barbed wire hanging on wooden posts, marking one area from another?

Or, are they the place we mark with marks made with our shoes on our feet?

Photo credit: Allure 



Are they those lines we draw by our mouths, in our heads and thoughts and also, on paper in writing?

Are they those invisible points in life that we say we won’t cross, no matter what?

Are they those places in our life, where we feel safe?

Aren’t they the only “spaces” where we feel we can do what we want and not feel guilty about what we’ve done?

Photo credit: The New York Times



Aren’t they the places that we’ve been told not to cross, strictly?

Aren’t they the areas we’ve been told we can easily be “seen” from?

Aren’t they the zones that particular people “own”?

Photo credit: The Economic Times



Who gets to determine what you are?

Who decides who goes how far into you and not?

Who sits down to say that you be and not?

Photo credit: NPR



Am I really safe within you?

Is it okay if I don’t call you the name everyone calls you?

Would it be fine if I just got to touch you, for a bit and feel the human in you?

Photo credit: No Labels



Who are you really?

I’d like to know you more

I’d like us to be friends…what do you say?