Boys and Girls, Please Go To Sleep!

I will not stop saying this aloud!

Your body needs to rest

No amount of money can substitute your rest without coming it’s own problems!


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I have been there before.

I even prided myself in working myself off to complete exhaustion.

Now, I know better since the capitalism will clearly not let me enjoy my rest without making me feel guilty about it.

However, that will not stop me from going to sleep!


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I hated how I felt after a very long day of work and felt so much worse, when the end of the month came in and my paycheck was simply mocking me!

How can somebody overwork their age-mate’s child and have the audacity to pay them peanuts?

When they can clearly pay them what they truly deserve and earned rightfully?


Boys and girls, I say again

Go to sleep!

Do not let anybody tell you otherwise.

They will just be poisoning your sweet mind and shaming you for wanting a break away from the usual churn of the wheels of capitalism!


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Remember, the sooner you get to rest, the more sleep you will count in your books.

The alarms will not spare you in the morning, as they will wake you up so aggressively.

Your bosses and slave-masters will need you bright and early, to keep the money machine oiled and running!

Besides, petrol is not getting any cheaper and the bosses’ cars need that full tank, eh?!


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Go to sleep

Go to sleep

Go to sleep

Do not forget to go to sleep.