For a number of days now

I think so much of ways to write about you

Send you flowers

Just like somebody that looks up to you just like me said

I have failed

“Putting you” in words is an entire mountain to carry on my shoulders

You are that special

See….that is a box you can’t even fit in, no matter how much they try to squeeze, fold or punch you in!

The other day,

I was debating on whether to begin with Doctor

As a title to my piece about you

Turns out I failed at that, too

No title deserves you….none of us do….not even, I!


I vividly remember that day in 2015

When I first heard your name

We were at Reach A Hand Uganda

And we were weighing our options on who to invite at the #IGDUg15

The way these guys spoke you, anybody could tell you are a legend

They kept on talking about how fearless you are

How you speak up to power and injustice

And wrong-doing that gets in your sights

How you boldly speak about sex and sexuality

How you love playing with words and language

I made myself a promise to get a glimpse of you on the day of the Inter-Generational Dialogue

That day was a busy one but I kept true on my promise

And I believe it was in the room where the second-breakaway session was held

That I saw you

I didn’t move an inch from then on till the end of the session

My oh my….you are truly a sight to behold!

You know a treasure you find and know that you must protect…even if it means to do that with your own life?

That’s you….if we lose you, everything will have gone to shit….literally and metaphorically!

I have read your academic works and pieces time and again…over and over again

The world is sitting on a pit of treasures and we don’t even know it

Ugandan prominent human rights activist and feminist Stella Nyanzi (C) reacts to police officers during a protest against the amount and handling of police investigations into murders and kidnappings of women in Kampala on June 5, 2018. – A group of activists were blocked and four of them were arrested by riot police officers as they tried to hand a letter to the police Inspector General to demand more actions and investigations. (Photo by Sumy SADURNI / AFP) (Photo credit should read SUMY SADURNI/AFP/Getty Images)

When you speak,

You are speaking for millions

Even when you don’t,

You are still speaking for millions

When you smile,

You give so many of us hope…in millions

I love your defiance and wit

Your resilience and humour

The size of the fighter in you and your big heart

Your way of demonstrating and organizing us

You are doing what (many of us) I have failed to do till now….which is, “free myself from the white peoples’ ways

You are a real leader ….not these criminals and lumpens we have!

I love you every day!

Sigala nga osabula.

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~ #FreeStellaNyanzi ~