When was the last time you wasted food?

Do you know what it means to waste food?

Have you ever gone to bed on an empty stomach while you watched your neighbour throw away perfectly edible food, in the dumpster truck?


26 September 2020, Lira, Uganda – Food waste, pictured here in Lira market, is a big challenge for farmers and vendors alike. Lira’s central marker In Uganda, post-harvest losses remain a constant challenge for the agricultural sector, though through initiatives by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) with local partners, farmers have seen a reduction in loss and better grain storage options.


Why do we waste food?

How do we waste food?

How is it “acceptable” to many of us that we are wasting 2.5 BILLION TONS of food every year, according to the FAO and National Geographic?

Sincerely, how can we do this?


A truck dumps food waste at the Cornell Composting Facility.


Do we just imagine that we have an endless stream of resources to make this food?

Are we simply indifferent to the sweat and pains of so many people that created this food?

Do we even love our neighbours like we love ourselves, when we can boldly throw away perfectly edible food in the trash and not share it with our neighbours that do not have anything to eat?


Photo credit: FoodPrint


Please do not waste food!

Someone out there certainly needs it more than you do!


Photo credit: The Brazilian Report


I have gone hungry for hours before simply because I wasted food when I still had it in plenty!

It’s never a good feeling, believe me.