A few days ago, I landed on an e-Book titled “You Have A Brain” by Dr. Ben Carson.

I had last read something in this book somewhere in 2020, when we were locked down globally.

This time around, I landed on the title of chapter 2 that talks about, “Think Beyond The Can”.

Having thought about it for a while, I concluded that we all need to be scratching our brains more!


Photo credit: Vanity Fair 


To put all this context,

  1. Inside each human brain are approximately 86 billion neurons interconnected by more than 100 trillion synapses (estimated since no one has counted them all yet), which science has only barely begun to understand.
  2. Your brain started developing almost immediately after conception. During the first months of your mother’s pregnancy, your body was creating neurons at the rate of about 400 million per day.
  3. Your brain generates electricity constantly, enough every waking minute to keep a low-wattage light bulb fully lit. So, when you say, “That’s a bright idea,” your statement could be literally as well as figuratively true.
  4. Sensory signals move along an alpha motor neuron in your spinal cord at 268 miles per hour (mph). This is the fastest transmission of this type in the body. Skin sensory receptors, which travel at about 1 mph, are among the slowest in the body because they do not have a myelin sheath, which would insulate them and boost their speed.
  5. The brain of a normal twenty-year-old human possesses 100,000 miles of myelin-covered nerve fibers.
  6. Your brain can feel no pain because it has no pain receptors. The organ that controls the whole nervous system, and it can’t feel pain! This is why we can operate on the brain without worrying about the pain level of the patient. It’s also the reason we can perform surgery on people who are awake, as they feel absolutely nothing.
  7. Harvard University neuroscientist Jeff Lichtman, who is attempting to map the brain, has calculated that several million petabytes of data storage would be needed to index the entire human brain.
  8. Not forgetting what we talked about earlier this week, concerning the female brain!


Photo credit: Duke Pratt School of Engineering – Duke University


I want you to sit quietly for a moment and think of all these items I’ve mentioned above.

I want you to think of the power we have in our craniums and what we can do with those masses of soft tissue!

I want you to think of the good and lovely transformations we can make, having scratched our brains more!


Photo credit: National Geographic


The way I see it,

All these problems we say that we are having, are all solvable, if we dig deeper in our minds.

That goes without saying that we must keep our brains as clean as possible, for all this to be possible.

That means, staying away from all kinds of drugs!


Photo credit: Live Science


It is also said that the more you scratch the ground, the higher the chances of getting that little worm that was living beneath you.

I say we keep scratching our brains and let’s share out loud whatever we come up with!


Photo credit: NBC News


How do you see?